Monday, June 27, 2011

News Roundup

Brand Reversions by Graham Smith

  • Check out the case study for

  • Ryan Steely from SOA32 has a new illustration to be donated to Grind for Life for fundraising. Grind for Life is an organization that provides financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals.

  • Adfortel launches unique mobile advertising service with Yesss! in Austria and is a unique combination of Adfortel’s two services: VoiceAds and TuneAds.

  • The F-Factor influences your purchase decisions the most. From May 2011

  • Congrats to Orel Bitan and Jessica Kalkberman for winning the Cannes Lions "YouTube GoodWork" 2011 contest!

    The "Love146" viral video was created independently and with 0 budget (the actress is my little sister, the room belongs to my nephew) and still managed to make a buzz proving that good ideas are stronger than anything. It even succeeded to reach the media, and was broadcast (2 times before winning+1 after winning) on "Channel 10", the second most viewed news channel on Israeli TV:

    The creative:
    The video seems to be a video which sells toys BUT when you roll over the girl in the video, you discover she also has a price + a link which leads to a ‘LOVE146’ video with the massage:
    Two children are sold every minute - End child sex slavery & exploitation.

    Advertised brand: Social& Charity
    Advert title(s): LOVE146.
    Advertising Agency: Independent, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Art Director: Jessica kalbermann, Orel Bitan
    Copywriter: Orel Bitan
    Published: May, 2011

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