Friday, November 25, 2011

No big egos please and pick up the phone

These are two sage articles about professional communication. My boss sent me the link about calling people rather than e-mailing. Now that I think about it, these guidelines also apply to personal life.

Ninety–four (94) percent said working on teams in a collaborative manner was essential. They specifically related this to the creative sector where the give and take on ideas can make the difference. This means the ability to work with others in tandem is a necessary requirement to fully explore solutions and the success of projects. There is little room for egos or proprietary attitudes.
source: 4 Reasons to work well and play well with others
The next time you experience an issue over email, ask yourself if it is something that would be better served by a real conversation. Then have the courage to stop emailing and pick up the phone. Or even better: have a meeting.
source: Don't Send That Email. Pick up the Phone!

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