Monday, March 24, 2008

Church Marketing Sucks

For those of us who work in the branding/marketing communications department of churches, there's a site called Church Marketing Sucks. I think it's intriguing how more and more churches are hiring business people and applying marketing communication principles to spreading the Gospel of Christ. I first read about how many non-profits fail because they don't even have basic business operating fundamentals in The Cathedral Within by Bill Shore. If you go to Volunteer Match, a lot of the help wanted listings are for marketing help. As more and more churches are growing, I hear of more and more churches hiring art directors, creative directors, marketing directors, and account executives from the for-profit world.


The following is paid for from ReviewMe. I normally don't do these but this is relevant to helping high school seniors.

There are a bunch of college-oriented websites/social communities popping up because of the cash and PR cow that facebook has become. Now, there's a new site called ULVUTV. What I noticed first about their UT-Austin page is that the postal address is very odd. The address they give is of the Psychology building which is on the outskirts of campus. As for the ratings, I think they're somewhat accurate except for the dorms. Jester, the 14-story, 2,846 person dorm, actually has more spacious rooms than the majority of dorms in the country. Plus, mini-fridges and microwaves are included.

While I think the concept for LVUTV is neat, 1 minute clips of wild college kids can't portray an accurate picture of a college. I also think that the "incredible job placement services" varies depending on degree.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Piano mastery

Goodby Silverstein & Partners is the master of using simple, piano-driven commercials to try to stir something inside you. What is it about piano music that makes it so effective?

Recent example:

Old example:

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