Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to triple your sales using a 16 year old vlogger

While I realize this is a little outdated, it's still a good case study for using youtube for marketing. -David

This 16 year old vlogger Juicystar07 is yet another example of the power and reach of a free youtube video compared to an expensive TV commercial.

Using Reel Skills to Treble Your Sales

Want 561,522 YouTube viewers to see a nine-minute video about your product? Then you need to go find a 16-year-old girl to talk about it.

That's just what bespoke shoe seller Shoes of Prey did. They approached Blair Fowler, also known as Juicystar07, to do a video about their shoes, and give away a pair.

The video certainly made an impact, according to a blog post by founder Michael Fox. It gave the ecommerce site a massive 500,000 visitors in a week, way more than any other coverage they've had, online or offline.

But the fun had just started. See, Michael posted intimate details about the promotion on the company blog, then publicized the blog on Twitter and through other means. The coverage gained through retweeting and the whole YouTube marketing venture means they are now enjoying a 300% increase in daily sales. You can read more about it on their blog.

So, by taking the initiative and seeking out a different form of promotion, and then writing about the process and results, they were able to drive more traffic to their site and triple their sales. Brilliant!

Via Sitepoint

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